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Hi, I’m Rigel Jones!

I’m the visionary behind Beyond the Hustle at Upgrade You Academy Inc. As its Founder and a Certified Life & Success Coach, I’ve dedicated my expertise to help high-performing women achieve work-life balance. Being a hands-on mother of three and an entrepreneur, I grasp the intricacies of modern-day hustle.

With over a decade in Business Administration and extensive experience as a Virtual Assistant, I seamlessly combine mindset coaching and spirituality with pragmatic business solutions. I specialize in streamlining business processes for startups and visionary female entrepreneurs, ensuring their journey is efficient and stress-free.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the relentless pursuit of success and yearn for a harmonious entrepreneurial experience, I’m here to guide you. Let’s redefine success, placing equal emphasis on ambition and holistic well-being.


Join me in this transformative journey, where we prioritize both your dreams and your wellness!