About Rigel

Hello! I’m Rigel Jones, Founder of Upgrade You Academy Inc., I’m so glad you’re here!  I can’t wait to tell you how I manifested my dream life in the middle of a global pandemic.  But my story really started way before that. Before I break it down to you, let me share where I’m at right now.

the “professional” rigel

I’m a Personal Freedom Guide, Mama of three, and Founder of Upgrade You Academy Inc.  I work with my clients to activate their dreams, dissolve the obstacles standing in the way, and help them on their journey of becoming their best selves.

I’m a Certified Life & Mindset Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping), TIME Technique Practitioner. I use a combination of these neuroscience-based techniques and elements of spirituality, so my clients leave with the tools they need to have a recession-proof mindset.

I attended Sheridan College for Early Childhood Education, then later switched to Business Management. My career in Office Administration started in 2005 and worked my way up the corporate ladder over the next decade.

In 2013, I started my entrepreneurial journey as a Virtual Assistant and founded Simply Assist Virtual Assistant Services, while on maternity leave with my first child.  This business gained tremendous success because of my advanced online technology skills that many online business owners needed.  I enjoyed building funnels, systems and strategies for Online Coaches to maintain their web presence in the fast changing market.

As my hands got full with 2 more kids by 2016, becoming a Coach was a no-brainer transition.  I first became an Accountability Coach, then an Online Business Strategist, and now a Mindset Coach.

My destiny truly is this journey, so I’m enjoying every moment!

I ticked off all the boxes for 2 decades…

I’m First Generation Canadian and immigrated to Mississauga, Ontario in 1993 with my parents and siblings from Pasig, Philippines. 

The move here was ignited by my parents’ dreams that moving to Canada had better opportunities and quality of life. So the pressure was on to succeed!  I went through all levels of elementary an secondary school like a normal, hormonal teenager.  I got a scholarship playing varsity volleyball at Sheridan College, but later dropped out because of an injury (the universe knew I wasn’t loving the program).

I worked in retail, restaurant and hospitality industries for many years before I worked in the corporate world.

I got married at 24 years old, had a baby at 28, then started my first business.  I thought life was pretty sweet!

The #BossBabe #Femalehustler culture

I realized that working for others wasn’t for me. Not forever anyway. I had big dreams of becoming successful, retiring early, and having more time with my family.  I started my business just as the #bossbabe and #femalehustlers movement was booming, so I jumped on that trending bandwagon.  This inspired me to increase my productivity, visibility, business income and to work all hours of the day to please my clients. I was getting hired and featured by some pretty big names in the Personal Development industry!

The snippets captured did not reflect how I felt internally.

Fast forward 4 years and 2 more kids later, I started getting panic attacks and I became clinically depressed.

All those years of hustle, productivity, and well-known clients, why the hell am I still overworked, overwhelmed, unhappy and in a lot of debt?!  My marriage was hanging by a thread and I wasn’t spending quality time with my children.

I seriously started doubting myself and it was constantly validated by seeing some of my friends succeed in their careers. I kept hearing a voice inside my head, “you should stop being selfish and focus on what’s good for your family.”

I retreated for a while. I numbed myself with all my depression and anxiety meds and went back to working corporate.

One thing I learned about myself during the #bossbabe phase is that I wasn’t the type of gal to give up when things got hard!

I hired Coaches. The End!

Just kidding! If you’ve made it this far, thank you!

I did invest a tremendous amount on myself to have different Coaches in my corner. I did a lot of inner work and energy work with some of them, and I realized a few things:

  1. I was trying to live someone else’s definition of success. Not my own.
  2. I had trauma trapped in my body, and it is what’s holding me back from fully flourishing.
  3. I had been hiding my true gifts because I was letting 30+ years of programming get in the way!

Not only was I able to get clarity on my own definition of success, I also realized how I had been conditioned to repel the life I desired!  Our actions are driven by our thoughts, which 92% of the time is at default setting to keep us safe from reality or imagined danger.  My imagined danger is the shame or disapproval of my family if I failed. This discovery for me was profound and changed my life!

I spent about 1.5 years on reprogramming my subconscious, and only to reveal more about my beliefs on money, relationships, health, the works!  Magically, during this healing, I was able to wean off my anti-depressants and able to fully feel what I had been trying to repress. I also have more time to do MORE of the things I loved such as dancing, stand-up paddle boarding, and spontaneous activities with my kids!

My 10 year dream, manifested in 10 months. I am now in my dream home, living by the ocean in South Shore Nova Scotia. I am able to make aligned decisions quickly. I left the corporate world and I get to coach my dream clients. I get to start fresh in my marriage. I am able to breathe, stay in the present moment, and truly live in gratitude and joy with my children.  I get to fail and try again, because my mindset IS recession/pandemic-proof 🙂

My “selfishness” turned out to be good for the family after all. I get to show my daughters a different perspective of life. Break patterns of generational trauma and patriarchal beliefs. Show them that they can define the terms of their success, and that failure is redirection and a part of their journey. 


It’s no coincidence you’re still reading my story. It is my hope to inspire you that even though you may be facing some challenges and obstacles, you can still find your HAPPY. Your Peace. Your Passion. Your dream life doesn’t need to come true, because it is already true. Don’t waste another minute believing you are not enough and allowing your YEARS of subconscious programming sabotage your dreams. Your purpose is calling and I’ll be honoured to guide you to living your best life.

xoxo  Rigel Jones