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We help startups, entrepreneurs, and community-based organizations enhance their online presence and streamline their operations. Explore our tailored services designed to drive your business success.

Our Pillars of Service

Elevate your brand’s visibility with expert social media management. We craft tailored strategies that resonate with your target audience, boosting engagement and driving growth.

Create a powerful online presence with our mini website solutions. Whether you need a landing page or a full-fledged site, our team ensures your digital footprint is both professional and compelling.

Reach your audience directly with impactful email campaigns. Our email marketing services are designed to build strong customer relationships and increase your conversion rates.

Optimize your business operations with our consulting services. We help you identify inefficiencies and implement automation solutions to streamline your processes and maximize productivity.


      • Email Marketing / Newsletter
      • Social Media Posts 3 – 4 per week on Feed and Stories
      • Curate, Create, and Manage Content a Social Platform

If your business or organization is ready to get started with one of these services, book a call today to get started.  Just click on the button below to set up an appointment for our virtual call.

Social Media Packages for Every Business Need


Plant the Seeds of Your Online Presence!

Get your business started on social media with our Starter Seedling Package. Perfect for those just beginning their online journey, this package covers all the basics you need to succeed.

  • Simple Branding: Craft a basic but effective brand identity.
  • Marketing Plan: Develop a straightforward marketing plan to kickstart your online presence.
  • Strategy Session: Initial strategy session to define your goals and approach.
  • Image Creation: Basic graphic designs to make your posts visually appealing.
  • Implementation Plan: Simple, actionable steps to manage your social media accounts.

Investment: Starting at $399


Grow Your Online Presence with Confidence!

Perfect for small businesses looking to make a big impact with a modest budget.

  • Simple Branding: We’ll create a cohesive and memorable brand identity.
  • Marketing Plan: A tailored marketing plan designed to reach your local audience.
  • Strategy Session: One-on-one strategy session to map out your social media goals.
  • Image Creation: Custom graphics that resonate with your brand.
  • Implementation Plan: Step-by-step guide to executing your social media strategy.

Investment: $499

Oak Tree

Strengthen and Expand Your Online Presence!

Boost your online presence with our all-in-one package, designed to drive engagement and attract more customers without breaking the bank. 

  • Simple Branding: Develop a recognizable and consistent brand image.
  • Marketing Plan: Customized plan to effectively reach and engage your target market.
  • Strategy Session: Comprehensive session to set up your social media strategy.
  • Image Creation: Professionally designed images to enhance your posts.
  • Implementation Plan: Detailed plan to help you execute your social media activities.

 Investment: $699


Stand Tall and Connect with Your Community!

Become the local hero of your town with our Redwood Package. This package provides all the essentials to ensure your business stands out and connects with the community. 

  • Simple Branding: Establish a unique and memorable brand identity.
  • Marketing Plan: Strategic plan tailored for maximum local reach and engagement.
  • Strategy Session: Personalized session to outline your social media goals and tactics.
  • Image Creation: High-quality custom graphics for your social media platforms.
  • Implementation Plan: An easy-to-follow plan to implement your social media strategy effectively.

Investment: Starting at $899

Simple Websites & Landing Page Packages

Landing Pages

Get Your Business Online Quickly and Effectively!

→  Establish a professional online presence that makes your business stand out.

→  Effectively capture leads and gather potential information and inquiries to grow your business.

→  Get online quickly with a ready-to-go solution, so you can focus on what you do best.

What’s Included:

  • WordPress Installation: We handle the technical setup, making it easy for you to manage your landing page without any hassle.
  • Custom Design: A professionally crafted landing page that reflects your brand and captures attention.
  • Content Integration: We incorporate your text, images, and branding elements seamlessly.
  • One Form: Collect visitor information or inquiries with a custom form tailored to your needs.
  • Responsive Design: Your landing page will look stunning on any device, from desktops to smartphones.

Whether you’re looking to capture leads with a simple landing page or showcase your business with a comprehensive website, we have the perfect package for you. Our WordPress installations ensure your site is easy to manage and update, giving you a flexible and powerful online presence.

Contact Us Today to discuss your needs and get started on creating an impactful online presence for your business. Let us help you grow your brand, attract more customers, and achieve your business goals!

Starter Website Package

Create a Powerful Online Presence with Ease!

→  Present your business with a polished, professional website that builds trust and credibility.

→  Provide valuable information and connect with your customers through an engaging online presence.

→  A well-designed website can attract more visitors, convert leads, and ultimately drive more sales.

What’s Included:

  • WordPress Installation: We take care of the technical setup, so you can easily manage and update your site.
  • Custom Design: A beautifully designed website that showcases your brand and engages your audience.
  • Content Integration: Your content, images, and branding elements will be professionally integrated across up to 5 pages.
  • One Form: Includes a custom form to collect visitor information or inquiries.
  • Responsive Design: Your website will look amazing on all devices, ensuring a great user experience.

Pages Included:

1. Home
2. About Us
3. Services / Products
4. Contact Us
5. Additional Page of Your Choice


  • Events Page
  • Blog Setup
  • Additional Forms


Examples of Systems & Processes We Can Help You With

Lead Generation, Sales & Onboarding Clients / Members

✔ Setup a Customer Relationship Management and follow up system
✔ Create intake forms to automatically collect information
✔ Automate onboarding campaign for your clients
✔ Setup up automated calendar booking system
✔ Setup an email marketing newsletters and campaign
✔ Build a simple wordpress website
✔ Payment collection and processing online

Finance, Administration and more…

✔ Acquire domain, hosting and business emails
✔ Setup Bookkeeping / invoicing systems
✔ Set you and your team up with a secure data storage system
✔ …and many more!

Let us help create the systems your business needs for growth. Book your free consultation for a quote today!