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Saturday, December 5, 2020   |  9AM – 12PM

Discover the PROVEN SYSTEM to transform your mindset and DESIGN a life you love living! 

Only you can say “YES” to your dreams!

Are your day-to-day tasks sucking the life out of you? You don’t even want to look at your To-Do list, and still feels like you’re not making any progress?

Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck in your present circumstances?

Are you feeling disconnected from your relationships, business, or purpose in life?

Are you ready to take inspired action towards your dreams for a better life?

I know it feels difficult to even think about other possibilities, and it’s not YOUR FAULT.

You’ve been programmed to believe, for WAY TOO LONG (!), that having a purposeful, joyous, and abundant life is soul-sucking, impossible, hard, unless it is inherited!  

But on DECEMBER 5th, you’ll learn the PROVEN system to easily create Joy, Abundance, Purpose, and the most amazing life you love living! 



9AM – 12PM EST   |  ZOOM

This is not your typical goal setting workshop.  You are going to LEARN how to get out of the problem loop so you can finally get unstuck from your current conditioned thought patterns.

During this workshop, you will not only learn, but you will DO… and once you DO, you will BE.  It’s almost as if you’ve come from the future who is already living the life you feel connected to.  These are 3 proven steps to help make your dream a reality.

Design a life you love living!

You will design a clear vision in which you feel connected to, in each of the following areas: Relationships, Health & Well Being, Vocation and Time/Money Freedom.   You will learn in a small group setting how to hold the vision of your dreams and stay connected to your purpose.

Bridge the Gap

The gap is likely where you get stuck and unable to rise from your problem loop or your thought patterns. These are also limiting beliefs that seem to follow you around.  In this workshop, you’ll discover the barriers of success most people experience. You will learn a simple exercise to see the silver lining in any difficult situation – so you can release fear, worry, and doubt, not only today, but as you grow into the future. 

Building Your Dreams

Most people believe that in order to make your dream a reality, the actions you take must be forceful, because that’s how most coaches teach it.  But not here, and not Rigel. You will learn the process of taking action toward your dreams in a state of FLOW that won’t deplete your energy.  Are you ready to learn?



2 Investments Required

I know this system works, but it requires 2 types of investment. 

First is a monetary investment, which shows that you are committed to learning the system and strategies to build your dreams.  I can guarantee that the value you’ll get from this workshop is far greater than the monetary investment. 

The second investment required is your TIME.  I know your time is valuable. But during this workshop, I encourage you to remove yourself from any distractions, place yourself in an environment where you can learn, move around and really build your dreams.  I understand that you may have children or a family to care for.  But this workshop requires you to invest 3 hours of your undivided attention so you can be committed to fully participate and do the work.

Rigel Jones
Success & Mindset Coach

Greatness is holding fast to a dream, independent of the environment.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Our mission is to help you create a life you love living and help you make that into reality.  However, we are not able to guarantee about your ability to get results, earn money or shift your mindset. The results are completely dependent on the work that you do, the action you take, and your level of consciousness while you are taking action.  We will teach you the tools and give you strategies that are proven as followed by our Coaches, Mentors and Clients.  We are here to fully support you in making the necessary shifts that will move you in the direction of your dream.

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