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By Victoria Baird

Victoria loves to purge and help others clean their closets and redefine their personal style! In this video, she is sharing her tips for a successful closet clean out!


Victoria Baird
Image Consultant / Coach / Speaker

I’m Victoria, an image consultant, wardrobe magician and a real woman.

Turning 40 was an aha year for me, I call it my midlife awakening! All my years from behind the chair as a hairstylist made me realize how my next chapter has helped others figure out their next chapter. As I aged so did my clientele, many of the struggles I had they did too; adapting to weight gain around the middle, wrinkles, wanting to be fashionable and current without looking like I am trying to be 20 again! I took a good look at myself, who I was and what I wanted. I became intentional about my life and in the way I dressed, clients noticed and began to ask me what I did. Which prompted me to take the plunge (ok, it took a few years), selling my day spa and becoming a certified image consultant.

Here’s the thing: I’m a creative and also a Virgo, which means my detail-oriented eye works in your favor as I can rework your existing wardrobe pieces into totally new outfit combinations. Other Virgo traits – witty and wise, so we’ll have fun too.

website:  www.victoriabaird.com
Instagram:  @imageandinspiration
Facebook: Victoria Baird

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