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Wealth Attraction Bundle

 Welcome! Get ready to rewire your subconscious to attract Abundance!

These powerful methods will allow you to release the resistance that’s blocking you from receiving everything you desire.

Do this everyday for at least 7-10 days to start seeing results. Things might seem coincidental at first, until you start feeling and seeing all the hints that the Universe, Source, God is sending your way. Pay attention!

You can come back and listen to these audios/videos over and again, even after you’ve manifested your income goals, so you can move through your next level of abundance.

Powerful Meditation for Letting Go of Most Common Money Blocks

This is a Powerful Energy Clearing Meditation.

To get the best results from this meditation, please use headphones or earbuds for listening. Have a journal or a piece of paper on hand to write what thoughts and emotions came up, as well as the learnings from your subconscious. It is recommended that you listen to this audio for at least 7-10 days, as you may receive new learning each session.

*Do not listen in the car while driving or operating machinery.

EFT Tapping - Release The Emotions of Not Having Enough


EFT Tapping Session for Releasing the Emotions of Not Having Enough

  1. Drink water before doing the tapping session. Have a glass of water nearby, and maybe some kleenex 🙂
  2. Think of a specific amount of money you’d like to manifest now, and the frequency. Ie. $3,000 per month or $400,000 per year, etc.
  3. Get real and raw with yourself. This only works when you are connecting to source in your truth. So check that amount again.
  4. Do the Negative Release Tapping at least 3 times.
  5. Do the Positive Tapping at least 2 times.
  6. Best if done everyday for at least 10 days or becomes a part of your routine.

Hypnosis for Wealth and Abundance

This is a powerful hypnosis audio for attracting wealth and abundance.

Best when listened to using headphones or earbuds. Please carve out undistracted time for this session to receive maximum benefits. Best listened to in the morning for at least 7-10 days. Please keep a journal or a piece of paper nearby to write your thoughts and emotions after the hypnosis sesion.

Remember, you are in control. The induction is to get you into the Alpha brain wave state (deep relaxation wave), it is the gateway to your subconscious mind, just at the base of your conscious awareness. The subconscious will be open to suggestion with the full permission of your intuition.

*Do not listen in the car while driving or operating machinery.

Additional Manifestation Meditation Audios