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We help startups, entrepreneurs, and community-based organizations with automation.

A Simple Business Flow

We understand the complexities of starting your own business. Maybe you initially started with bootstrapped systems and processes to get your business going. Too often, small organizations and solopreneurs get stuck with these band-aid solutions that actually slow down their growth and creativity.

We’re here to create simple and efficient systems with automation tools to improve your business processes for you and your team.

Does this sound eerily familiar?

✔ If your business doubled in size tomorrow, you would be pulling all-nighters for the next month.

✔ You don’t have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and if you do, nobody else in our team knows how it works.

✔ Your way of doing things feel brittle and your data could be breached at any moment.

✔ You are spending more time on operations than driving your growth.

Let us help you generate leads, book clients, collect payments, and communicate with your customers with ease! 

Our 3-Step Approach

Step 1. Review and Document

We begin by reviewing the existing processes and systems in place, conduct a full analysis, identify bottlenecks and what isn’t working for the operations team.  We focus on 3 main processes:

Data Structure – Overall data structure, including storage, utilization and how all the different pieces may relate to each other.

Automations – Analyze current automations in place and review if it needs to be added for efficiency of workflow.

User Experience – Review the overall narrative of current systems in place and compare if it matches the goals the user or business is trying to achieve.

Step 2. Design & Build Your Systems

Going into this phase, we will have identified the blocks and inefficiency in your systems that’s preventing your organizational growth.

We will design the systems with clients or your team in mind. A drafted data structure that will show where the tools, processes and automations will take place. Once approved, we will access your data and tools to prepare for the transition. The length of this data migration will depend on the size and number of data structures that will transition and will be determined during this phase.

Finally, the transition into the new system will be ready for you and your team to start using.

Step 3. Coaching & Training Your Team

The last step is training the team or management to get comfortable with using the tools. This would be a combination of screen recording and in-person/virtual training how to use your new systems.  We will be available for an agreed time frame, post transition, for any questions and small changes before we wrap up our project.

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Examples of Systems & Processes We Can Help You With

Lead Generation, Sales & Onboarding Clients / Members

✔ Setup a Customer Relationship Management and follow up system
✔ Create intake forms to automatically collect information
✔ Automate onboarding campaign for your clients
✔ Setup up automated calendar booking system
✔ Setup an email marketing newsletters and campaign
✔ Build a simple wordpress website
✔ Payment collection and processing online

Finance, Administration and more…

✔ Acquire domain, hosting and business emails
✔ Setup Bookkeeping / invoicing systems
✔ Set you and your team up with a secure data storage system
✔ …and many more!

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